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Brief History of Carnival – by Nandi Bynoe – Informative Caribbean History

Brief History of Carnival – by Nandi Bynoe – Informative Caribbean History Audio by Nandi Pictures assorted from Google.

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14 thoughts on “Brief History of Carnival – by Nandi Bynoe – Informative Caribbean History

  1. Debra Young

    Can you please list a bibliography of the resources you used for your research on Trini Carnival?

  2. Lexy Carter

    💩💩💩 this could never be a trini speaking here, go pick a history book. There are many on our Carnival

  3. Jessica Bartholomew

    this person don't know any history of carnival, and should leave it alone.

  4. Ross Gazunis

    Lent is just Weeping for Tammuz in disguise! Sun worship false religion! Jesus Christ transcends all of this junk!

  5. arturo bellot

    the part on soca is not true

  6. Harriet Crosbie

    Its sounds like cyka

  7. Alex Dgreat

    Dav is right. Soca was invented by Ras Shorty I and the word soca comes from CalypsoKah, a fusion of East indian rhythm with the calypso beat. I spent some time with Sheldon Blackman (Lord shorty's son) doing calypso workshops in Belfast and he told me the same thing. This video perpetuates the myth that Soca was a mix of Calypso and American Soul music, which it never was.

  8. Dav McLeod

    Soca is its own thing- the Soul of Calypso… the 'Soul Of Calypso' originally called Calypsokah. Rapso, is rap-Soca.

  9. Dav McLeod

    Also, originally, it was Called Calypsokah, because he was mixing Calypso with the East Indian music of the Indian population of Trinidad. The Kah was from the sound he heard with the dhantal and the dholak, etc. A reporter misspelled the word in an article, and since then it became Soca. There is plenty of information about this out there. What does your research say?

  10. Dav McLeod

    Listen to Lord Shorty- 'Vibration Groove'. It is a live performance where he says, 'I want to introduce you to our new musical sound- it is called Soca- the Soul of Calypso, it is our own creation and we hope you like it'. I've been researching this for some time now. I met his grandson the other day who told me his grandmother told him that his grandfather is the 'father of Soca, Garfield Blackman, Lord Shorty'. So tell me I am talking non-sense again, and back it up this time.


    Nonsense talk.

  12. talljib

    soca and rapso isn't a fusion of soul nor rap respectively with calypso

  13. Dav McLeod

    In truth, soca is still supposed to tell a story. But because the jump up is so much fun, soca artists are going for the jump, wave, wine effect of the songs. But that's not what soca is really about. Mojuba Lord Shorty. Mojuba to all our Carnival playing anscestors that fought to keep Carnival alive in Trinidad (Iere) when the colonizers tried to kill it. But now it's just a commercial entity that most people who play it don't really understand. (Mojuba means 'we pay homage')

  14. Dav McLeod

    it's interesting that you said soca is soul music mixed with calypso. When soca was developing, disco music was popular in the states. Lord Shorty, is the inventor of soca… when you listen to his songs, he say it's the Soul of Calypso. Meaning calypso needed to change to fit the times. Then he infused it with the Indian music from Hindu, Muslim, and Bollywood movies. It was not soul music from the states. it was the bringing out of the true essence of calypso for keeping up with the times.

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