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Brazil’s Carnival goes on despite Zika threat

Rather than fear the Zika virus, many party goers in Brazil say they much prefer to embrace life and enjoy the party. CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports.

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15 thoughts on “Brazil’s Carnival goes on despite Zika threat

  1. nevel leven

    In both the Brazil and French Polynesia outbreaks, researchers noted that some people infected with the virus were later diagnosed with Guillain-Barré, a rare and sometimes deadly neurological condition in which people's immune systems damage their nerve cells, leading to muscle weakness and even paralysis. The symptoms can last weeks, months, or even years. So it is not only harmfull to new born.

  2. Marcus da Costa

    Esse vírus é Zika…

  3. General Hades

    Strange how nobody in Brazil has heard of the Zika threat …

  4. Matheus Pereira

    we don't stop Carnival because Zika is spread by a mosquito , not by human contact.
    Some cities cancel Carnival but was because of economy.
    Zika threat only to a pregnant woman and her baby and that's all.
    Stop all this terror.We are concerned only with the country's babies, a generation of microcephalic would be disastrous.

  5. keenlydunrecordz

    bill and melinda gates bioenginered

  6. Chemistry Atomistic

    Anti-aborto! Se legalizarem essa birosca o Brasil que se exploda!

  7. Jonathan Demetrius

    the sexual promiscuity of the West (exemplified by Carnival) is the reason so many people are attracted to Islam.

  8. no name

    No one cares, we all know this is just another ebola hoax. Soon there will be forced vacancie bill on the table. This is how they passed the forced vacancies in California with the ebola scare

  9. Carl Terreros

    Sure he's not worried, he's already got a small noggin. Why not send trumps female buddy reporter? whats her name?

  10. Al X

    The show must go on.

  11. Fifita Leone

    I want to go to the Olympics okay haha

  12. Jeremy Parsons

    hahaha the news media is treating this like ebola. cant wait to see the fake news reports to start from cnn

  13. Alex Trebeck

    oh the horror


    1 rst commet

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