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Brazilian samba | Rio party | Carnival theme | Mr Flavour Events

Mr Flavour Events recently hosted a Brazilian Carnival themed summer graduation ball for one of the colleges at Cambridge university. The event included full …

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40 thoughts on “Brazilian samba | Rio party | Carnival theme | Mr Flavour Events

  1. Christina Lindenmuth

    please! someone tell me what this version of the song is called! i know it's "mas que nada" but where did you find this version?? i must have it

  2. Tropicalia Show

    Great editing! It was great to work with you guys and we are pleased with so many nice comments about our Brazilian show. Hope there will be another opportunity to work with you in the near future. Best from Tropicalia Show

  3. Ben Perrin The Guitarist

    wow great quality and it is an awesome video keep up the good work i love it 🙂

  4. brandon jones

    nice video enjoyed watching that and your others keep it up

  5. GivinLs

    nice video i really enjoyed keep up with the good work (:

  6. TreeJTV

    This music video Is so cool! I really really liked it! I like the music alot too! Keep up the amazing work! <3333


  7. usernamecreated2

    Awesome video man, i really enjoyed the music as well. Good job!

  8. GoldenCreeperMC

    great video man,good music and i enjoyed watching this 😀

  9. Altus Coetzee

    Really good music video.. please make some more. really cool !

  10. drizzydrizzydrake348

    awesome music video! great stuff really awesome music!

  11. MrLemonns

    great video, that party music should keep rolling through everyone speakers haha!

  12. Jon Carr

    cool video! that party looks boss! amazing cinematography! i love it!

  13. 27mayemlike

    this is amaizing i love this festival man cool love it

  14. MuzicBoxChannel

    im loving your samba video mate,thanks for the share

  15. pbdion47

    this is great! I love the song and the camera angles are very nice

  16. Nether Cast

    This was one of the best videos that i have ever seen in my life!

  17. 7mayem gffg

    cool man nice keep up the good work cool man nice keep up the good work cool man nice keep up the good work

  18. Nether Cast

    Best party ever seen

  19. mara chola

    Very nice samba clip..i will share it with my friends

  20. 37mayemlike

    nice video dude please make more im waiting dude do more

  21. iClawTheMara

    liked the mixing. keep it up, nice theme too 😉 best of luck for future events!

  22. mayem lki

    this is so amaizing man nice love it cool man nice love it cool

  23. ae ivheroseaae

    cool, man cool man nice love it cool love it nice keep

  24. DanOwnedYou

    Wow dude! That was really awesome dude as always, really loved it:)

  25. nPKyou13

    nice video bro lol i watched the whole thing, keep making stuff like this, awesome all throughout! 🙂

  26. John Freeman

    This is a really cool man, rio parties look crazy! Would love to go sometime.

  27. GregHasHobbitFeet

    This is a really cool video! Brazilian carnival themed ball is a cool idea!

  28. Scott Jones

    great video man loved it keep up the good work man

  29. saifliker4

    I love that Dude it's so Epic and great and i liked

  30. Your lyricalvideos

    Awesome videos you make im just sniffing your channel!

  31. James Watton

    looks like a great event and id love to go to something like this

  32. SuperGames789

    great video! Amazing video! It's just so epic!!!!!!

  33. MarkoLoL

    pretty good job,keep it up,i like it very much :DD

  34. DjayMusic

    looks nice dude keep the good work up its very nice!

  35. MatureDatingOnline

    i really like the artistic performance by the samba girls. a truly Brazilian dancing.You shaggy it baby!

  36. MYST1Productions

    Man this is really good. I can watch this video all day and night!

  37. pizdamaterina35

    very good video, keep doing videos cause they are good

  38. Pete T. Louis

    amazing videooo!!!keep it uppp pleasee 🙂
    i like it

  39. Maki Bro Rap

    woooooooow this video is amazing bro I like it sambaa

  40. GameForSmiles

    Nice song great party looks fun im coming !!!!!!!!!!

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