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Brazilian Best Samba Dancing 2016 | Part – 3

Carnival of Brazil Carnival of Brazil is an annual Brazilian festival held between the Friday afternoon (51 days before Easter) and Ash Wednesday at noon, which …

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26 thoughts on “Brazilian Best Samba Dancing 2016 | Part – 3

  1. Finn Vingereid

    Really nice to see them dance so free and happy .Full of Spirit for to try win the show.

  2. Theodoric Atkins

    Brazilian Angeles.

  3. Odair Jose Rdg Rodrigues

    todas lindas

  4. Mathurin Andre

    I would like to smash

  5. Jose Monroy

    No cabe duda el mejor carnal a

    del mundo y las mejores chicas
    del mundo

  6. Binode Chakma

    costume less front shows more beautiful.

  7. Naved Zaidi

    Superb and very antique culture.

  8. Mario Miguel Morelo Florez


  9. Max RPM

    Dancing from the Air….. Sweet

  10. sezer kale Sexy man

    aralarında Türk sambacı bayan varmı ki merak ettim

  11. Anmolsingh chahal


  12. shippuden Rachid

    please what is the name soundtrack?

  13. Tiep Nguyen Van

    xem dat xuong

  14. 陳昇照


  15. Ashis Das

    isso nao video so fotos😡

  16. David James

    Brazilian zamba dancei fentastic I likeit.

  17. Börje Lindström


  18. Arnold Buyung

    suka memuat tentang kesenian tradisional tarian tradisional mana saja

  19. Awangbinlokan Lokan

    mcm kera ungka lotong xpun sakai hutn kene belacn

  20. Er Anil Kumar Lal

    I loved Samba dance its a marvellous dance ever seen Salute to dancing girls

  21. Md Sulaman Sulaman Sulaman

    good morning my friend

  22. Gordon Green

    them women are so beautiful

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