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Brazil: Thousands rejoice as second ‘Soviet Parade’ hits Sao Paulo carnival

Thousands of revellers took to the streets of Sao Paulo, Sunday, to take part in the second annual ‘Soviet Parade,’ a celebration of the USSR which is held days …

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30 thoughts on “Brazil: Thousands rejoice as second ‘Soviet Parade’ hits Sao Paulo carnival

  1. luis suarez

    stupid Brazilians >> SOVIET really in brazil ?? idiots .. brazil is a big mix country , (africans ,europeans, natives) mix << thats brazil ……….. soviet in brazil lmfaooo

  2. luis suarez

    brazilians love every other country than their own these are them most un patriotic people on planet earth

  3. Saulo Santos

    HAHAHA Filhinhos de papai com seus iphones pulando e batucando igual idiotas com camisas e bandeiras da sanguinária URSS, Russos não se ofendam eu gosto da RÚSSIA não da CCCP

  4. David de Jesus

    White only.

  5. Marcos Boldrini

    Genocide Parade.

  6. OP Police Officer Dickhead

    Brazil went full Retarded.

  7. extremelydangerous


  8. gabriel moore


  9. rodrigo moura

    This group NOT represent the brazilian people. Is just a crazy minority.

  10. Mateus Félix

    HEUEHUEHEUHEUEHEUHEUEHUEHEUHEUEHUH tem como não amar o BR? melhor país do mundo doa quem doer u.u <3

  11. noor affiz

    long live soviet union

  12. Mabelle Vonk

    This is nothing but a provocation. Many Russians fled to Brazil during the bloody Bolsheviks took control, all on behalf of the banksters. Then the oligarchy arose.

  13. Bruno Paiva

    100 milions deaths by communism… tsc tsc tsc… stupid people

  14. Mister Unglaublich

    Celebrate the deadliest ideology in world. Goodbye logic!

  15. Last Autist

    Retarded commies. I will never understand the obsession with another country especially as shitty one as Russia. Russia is almost a 3 rd world country. sure it has a strong military but Russian charm ends there.

  16. matspur


  17. мяёCняоиїC918

    Comrades of the world, unite!

  18. Maksimilijus

    brazil is a crazy country… 🙂 i guess we all miss the soviet union. it was the only country that scared the shit out of yankees. they allied against ussr with everybody they could, with china, even with talibans. 🙂

  19. IgorSaray

    Glorious Soviet Union. Everything that Russia is today it has to thank that country, otherwise it would probably still be illiterate peasant shithole.

  20. Films & Film

    lol how many dead is Stalinism responsible for? these people are imbeciles.

  21. Matthew Alford

    They would quickly change their minds about Soviet cheerfulness if they lived through it for real….

  22. Islamic counter-extrimism

    Soviet parade?. was Brazil even part of USSR?

  23. Arti Om

    Russian Brazilians??? Lol

  24. Takumi Fujiwara

    but hy i dont remenber a comunist brasil

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