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Brazil Party: Samba Dance Brazilian Music (4 Brasil World Cup Music 2014)

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40 thoughts on “Brazil Party: Samba Dance Brazilian Music (4 Brasil World Cup Music 2014)

  1. Fit.

    is this popular in Brasil or is it just tourist music? what is popular in brazil?

  2. Carlos Henrique

    Que bosta Isso Nem É Samba nem Aki nem Na China 😂😂 Parece Música de macumba

  3. Sajjad Cheema

    What is name of track which starts at 48:35 please.

  4. André Uchôa


  5. David Gomes

    Denunciem esse lixo. Isso aí não é música brasileira nem samba.

  6. Serate Vlog


  7. Jackeline Fernandes

    Samba? kkkkkk fuck you editor

  8. Diógenes Vieira

    Sorry, guys, but this is not samba. And It's far away to be.

  9. Gustavo Lopes

    isso não é música brasileira

  10. Mistake Gamer #Contv

    Brazilians are nice, pity that such a card cutter made a farce. cool video. Note: I am Brazilian

  11. Mistake Gamer #Contv

    i'ts brasil not brazil.

  12. Bradley Maciel

    Tã tudo bom

  13. rockyilha

    a good country . It is sad to know that President Dilma rousself this bankrupting the country. the Brazilian asked for help from the world. help us

  14. David Anthony Manibo

    I've always wanted to visit a brazil beach party and dance all night long..

  15. House Light

    Why too many comments in Spanish?

  16. XXLMOB

    can someone please tell me the song that starts at 6:10

  17. Carlos Beltran

    Brazil sucks

  18. Denis Mrkulic


  19. Illuminati confirmed

    My brazil <3 

  20. Abi Ford

    cool im doing brazil 4 international week at school where can i get a copy of this ?

  21. jojo harryt

    Brasil… is LIFE!!!

  22. Constanze Stotz

    Ich habe mein Herz in Rio de Janeiro. Ich liebe Brasilien…..

  23. Rod Crosser

    my abs are so sore from the gym,  but I can't keep still and Tyson   his four paws  burning up the floor…………  rod

  24. Rod Crosser

    I am changing the open house to the evening   and playing this compilation.  the surround sound inside and outside the house with the landscape lighting is the only way to sell this stucco.   a little bit of wine won't hurt either……….  and Tyson  likes to  dance…….  no one in Abilene has ever done this………..  LOL    thanks Eliane. Lopes…….rod     after listening to this…. tomorrow will be a boring two hour waste of time.

  25. Rod Crosser

    fun compilation even tho my joints   are  gym sore……….   rod   Brazil is a mystery…..rod

  26. Mr V

    I wonder what's the name of the very first song in this compilation?


    amigo lets dance in brasillia

  28. SkylandersFTW WarrenCookFTL EDCP

    Viva la Brasilia

  29. Narc Narcisse

    Hi, i made a world cup song called "Yo quiero mi futbol" and i would appreciate anything checking it out. I don't really care about subscibers, i just want to share music 🙂

  30. Sylvia searles

    Fantastic xx

  31. Soon Woo Lee

    muito bom 

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