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Fancy Dresses in Carnival are a must, specially on the pre-parade season, that runs from September through January. Fancy Dress Costumes in Samba are …

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  1. Хосар Хасаров


  2. belavistario

    yes, indeed you are right about the origins of "Roda de Samba", mentioned & recognized by Unesco…the thing is that is only 1 out of different styles of samba…as a urban musical expression, it was developed in the late 19th century, with the "maxixe", the "xote" , ( from Scottish) , the "lundu", and the polka…from this unique mix, was born the singular samba. Other types: samba-canção, Samba de terreiro ,Samba de breque, Samba-de-enredo, Samba-de-balanço to mention a few..

  3. iwasborntobefly

    i tend to believe it ORIGINATED in bahia, hence the unesco designation for samba de roda. it spread with the slaves who went down to rio. there, what we regard as modern/urban samba arose. every artform changes with migrations/immigration but the origin/root remains. bahia is the root of samba. i've never read anything to the contrary therefore, i don't buy your assertion that 99% of historians agree with you. we're not talking about today, we're talking about origins, which is the past.

  4. belavistario

    Hi there! tks for your comment. As I samba historian, I can pretty much attest you are partially correct: samba has "African" origins, but at the same time, Polka, + numerous other rhythms.( first we have to separate samba as a dance / samba as music/ rhythm. Today there are officially at least 10 different kinds of samba types) Bahia brought parts of the drums beats, but later, several other rhythms were introduced, therefore Rio is considered among 99% by samba historians, as home to samba

  5. iwasborntobefly

    my understanding is that samba (music and dance) originated in bahia. it has african origins. Samba de Roda is considered a unesco world heritage cultural dance. bahians took it to rio where it became the urban samba we know now. that is my understanding – bahia is the true root of samba. which is why i was trying to figure out where to go.

  6. belavistario

    Definitely Rio, where samba and carnival was born. Bahia has "micareta" a "pop" version, but definitely not "grass roots".

  7. iwasborntobefly

    should a first timer go to carnival in rio or bahia?

  8. 1114nikita

    I want this dress so bad!!!

  9. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @mrskaylee640 Send us a mail info ( at ) brazilcarnival shop dot com and we can see smething

  10. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @MrEdium This is the time,..,before the world cup and olympics…because then..this will be very very expensive…and still things are still calm!

  11. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @martymar9311 Indeed there is…as the new Johnnie Walker TV Commercial has hat could be appropriately entitled, "The Giant has Waken" as a metaphor to Rio´s and Brazil recent conquest in the world scenario:

    Keep Walking

  12. danijanimi

    @xxaziedolliexx ME TOO!! ^_^

  13. danijanimi

    @BrazilCarnivalCOMBR i looooooove your videos!!!…..i have always wanted to be a samba girls since i was a little girl!!! ^_^

  14. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @adeart7 Exaclty. He was married though, to a woman called Marta Love, which was Muse for Estacio de Sa Samba School. I once filmed her. Take a look at the video…She actually has some talent and samba dance skills:


  15. Arthur Amaker

    @propheci He's actually her brother.

  16. Kawynia Williams

    I need this dress!!!!

  17. Wings of Propheci

    @BrazilCarnivalCOMBR Ah, my error. I saw her and Vagner and assumed they were a couple since I did not understand the interview. Good, means she's available for me! 😉 Thanks for clarification!

  18. MrEdium

    i want to move to Brazil.

  19. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @propheci Hello my YT friend…When you come to Brazil i wil give you a "frequent mileage status" as gratitude for always watching our videos…LOL…. back to your questions, she is in fact sister of Vagner Love, ( who is himself a great samba lover and plays samba drums too! ) But many people indeed make this confusion…I myself ( about 4 years ago, ) had the same doubt.. Cheers!

  20. belavistario

    @Womenaremylyfe Is os one of the best samba dancers ….very vigorous!

  21. belavistario

    @Womenaremylyfe Hello she is Vania Love below another video of her :

  22. testizel


  23. Womenaremylyfe

    Please tell me who she is.She is so beautiful.

  24. Wings of Propheci

    Isn't she married to some soccer player? Damn, he's lucky and I'm jealous lol 😉

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