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Brazil Carnival Samba Dancers

Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil women Samba Queens and dancers. Gracyanne Barbosa of Vila Isabel, Quiteria Chagas of Imperio Serrano, Mulher …

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24 thoughts on “Brazil Carnival Samba Dancers

  1. JacksonandLizzyForever HorseLovers

    i love the feathers 🙂

  2. Amber sabajo

    THE person that say they are putas are just jealous because she is to ugly

  3. Dave2713

    Hey I want to apologize for the morons who represent America on Youtube. We are not all racist bigoted narrow minded idiots. I love Brazilian culture and visiting during Carnival is on my things to do before I die list "aka Bucket List". Beautiful women, beautiful weather, beautiful culture. Dont let H20 ruin your perspective on all Americans

  4. Vic k

    Andrea, existe sim racismo no Brasil, mas você está equivocada ao dizer que há mais do que nos Estados Unidos. Lá o racismo é 10 vezes mais forte. Não tem comparação. Sério mesmo

  5. Andrea De Araújo

    There is much more racism in Brazil than in the United States are so important carnival in Brazil is the only day we are all equal, rich and poor, black and white unite for big party ..

  6. eliana maria orlandini

    puta és tu madre….

  7. fdsslaponick


  8. BSBcty

    Engraçado como pessoas de outros países não têm ideia de que esse carnaval é ARTÍSTICO. E ainda acabam fazendo uma "cópia" mal feita, com mulheres rebolando e fazendo poses extravagantes, querendo ser sexys! Mas no fundo só acham que isso é pornografia, e não sabem a verdadeira essência, que é interpretar um personagem artístico ¬¬'

  9. Mapataza Shamiwan

    god brazilian weman are beautiful i'am thinking first i want to meet some of these weman here in the states first

  10. burby8100

    @imLucasMonteiro well my friend if brazil is not racist as you say it is I'm on my way over their, because your women are smoking ass HOTT!!!respect.

  11. Shani2sweet

    @rafyraf100 That is not true….the most of us part. How dumb.

  12. marcus bode vinicius

    @hollylotus toda nossa cultura? ouça paula fernandes.

  13. ImGonnaKillYou2nd

    @hollylotus it is like that to in america(U.S.)

  14. Luis Fernandes

    Why go to a strip club in Brazil? when you can get it for free…

  15. BSBcty

    @H20JustAddH20 why separate people because of the "color" or "melamine" ? O.õ There's no sense…

  16. Chuquebra2


  17. 5UP3RC0LL1D3R

    who is that last women. she is gorgeous

  18. Mashout!


    yeah they do…and some could be trannys

  19. Mashout!


    you saying there are not white people in brasil there are millions of them and they all dont look like white americans they come from different european stocks

  20. Stephe King

    holy shit !

  21. Doc Benway

    Brazilian! That's a lotta women!

  22. hydraIX

    truly hedonistic !!!

  23. Gilson Nascimento

    Ai, love ai bye, gracia.

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