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Brazil Carnival Part 3

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18 thoughts on “Brazil Carnival Part 3

  1. Сергей Мартынюк

    Хреновый у тебя фотоаппарат! :/

  2. unscarred cavalera conspiracy

    brazilian mardigrass

  3. gabriel asir

    I like it…


    The great dance, I Liked

  5. Duane Heckman

    Doesn't local broadcasting televise this??  Because of all the out of focus shots it's distracting.  I'd like to see an actual professional broadcast of this parade.  The detail in the costumes and floats is amazing!!

  6. syndy jaime


  7. giacomo giacomarra


  8. Vladimir Pavliv

    brasilia is ran out of chicks?

  9. nowicka anna

    jedno z najpiekniejszy wydarzen ktore zadziwia caly swiat dziekuje ***anna1954***

  10. MicroMitz Productions

    He's right! ROLF!

  11. rberg42

    careful a lot of those chicks are dudes

  12. Weaboo Scrub

    God damn I love me some brasilian chicks.

  13. Johanna Busser

    gracias un fiesta ,muy buen ,kisses ,johanna.

  14. sandra huffman

    Hey Lucas Borgomoni I was heard my Klebber is in either part 3 or 4, were you at Carnival did you see any of the family? His phone is off again and its costing me a fortune to call all the time looking for him!

  15. alexander mathew

    the great….

  16. Aldo Resta

    Me gusta mucho el Carnabal Brazilero..
    Muy buenas Comparsas…

  17. Rick Morgan

    Carnaval is great….. the camera operator is the pits

  18. Shahid Shafique

    great carnaval good job brazil

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