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Brazil: Bikinis and MASS KISSING galore at Rio Carnival

Lip balm must have been high in demand as an eager crowd of carnival goers stuck to the tradition of kissing as many people as possible, at the Sao Conrado …

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24 thoughts on “Brazil: Bikinis and MASS KISSING galore at Rio Carnival

  1. Isalevisk Dimasdomivitskis

    it s a transex you idiot…..axaxxaxa , typical idiot coming in brasil to fuck , and finnally get raped by a huge dick…..from her….idiot…

  2. joel higor

    putaria do caralho, amo

  3. Ultraman BR

    o pior e que tem gente que acha essa merda bonito! vão a merda

  4. Elaine Izidoro

    Que putaria do caralho hahahhahaha

  5. Kevin Marquez

    what if you catch herpes?

  6. iFallingToTheGap Teeth

    Wow thats a new and great experience. Brasil seems to be alot of fun. Wow!

  7. LoL ReplayBaby

    no dark skin blacks in brazil???

  8. No Name Apologi

    slutting shit

  9. WangDiddy82

    I saw like 100 women I would bang in this video.

  10. x7557x

    AIDS and Herpes 

  11. BrazilianMaster


  12. Nickael7

    This is much much better than seeing two fucking faggots kissing each-other.

  13. Arti Om

    I want to Brazil.)))))

  14. Keitumetse M

    Brazilian girls are way too hot

  15. George George


  16. Micha EL

    Went to Carnival and all I got was this nasty case of herpes !

  17. usapilot78

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  18. Pacero

    Love shall conquer us all someday!
    Not Hatred!

  19. Student Salad

    No contest, Brazilians are the hottest.

  20. Cristo Dias

    I hate this public orgy called carnaval

  21. 78213oswaldo

    And this is how ebola spreads

  22. eodguy83

    20 woman got pregnant just watching this video.

  23. HowToSPS

    meanwhile in Iraq….

  24. Mabelle Vonk

    Yeah make love not war.

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