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Brasil Carnaval / Brazil Carnival 2014 presents highlights from Brasil Carnaval at Sambodromo in Rio de Janeiro 2014. One of the most amazing travel experiences of my life …

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16 thoughts on “Brasil Carnaval / Brazil Carnival 2014

  1. audrey1053

    Hello, many thanks for this video. I'm a teacher in China right now and I was searching a short video that would show what the Rio carnival is about. This is short and yet manage to capture the vivid grandiose quirkiness of the costume and the overall spirit, showing some ladies without staring.

    That is particularly important to me. To show my kids that elsewhere in the world a women can be glamed up, loud, barely naked and it's OK.

    Thank you!

  2. Maycon M

    Única coisa boa no carnaval são as mulheres peladas, o resto não presta rs

  3. ray suarez

    Wow what planet does this occur on?? Planet Brazil? haha. Unworldly costumes and dancing! Amazinggg

  4. Constantin Stog

    00:54 Boobs. Thank me later.

  5. Vanessa Alvarado Mijangos

    carnaval de Brasil! lo mas hermoso! 🙂

  6. Mel1lvar

    this makes me very excited for Rios opening ceremony

  7. victor diaz

    what time of the year this happens?is it always at rio?



  9. Trini Girl

    Brazilian carnival cannot compare with Trini carnival

  10. Luana stephane

    mamãe eu quero, mamãe eu quero, mamãe eu quero mamar (88'
    Hahaha bom demais <3 adooroo
    Recife – Brasil ♡
    +1 escrito

  11. southcobbviper

    People are :-)!

  12. Stanley Chaney

    0:54 Nipples =)

  13. Dj Quincy Ortiz

    Hello my name is DJ Quincy Ortiz am a dutch house DJ. Can you listen to my mix I enter for RMC DJ Contest 2015 to perform at the Rio Music Carnival ?

  14. Hakeber

    deffo going next year 

  15. Bare Feet® with Mickela Mallozzi

    I love that you dressed up and danced with a samba school – you're my hero!

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