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Samba Dancer and Bodybuilder details diet and training routine before a carnival parade and season itself. Priscila explains her workout plan and year round …

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  1. Orita Films

    listen to her deep voice. all these women take steroids so their legs will get bigger and their butts will get rounder.
    don´t believe this diet hype.
    its the same diet that bodybuilders take.
    avocado, soy milk, protein pan cakes and creatine/steroids.
    steroids are illegal and ruin your health.

  2. Jess C.

    I would love to be a samba dancer! First, I want to learn I LOVE Brazil!

  3. Brazil Carnival Videos

    За кулисами карнавала Рио-де-Жанейро всегда большие возможности для проведения интервью и интересные аспекты фильма для парада быть.    Здесь мы имели возможность поговорить с одной из див в Сан-Паулу карнавал, Присцила Бонифацио, который имеет ее всю жизнь посвящена samba.  Ее мать когда-то Passista, танцовщица самбы, и она себя полностью Королева барабаны, самый престижный пост для школы самбы Vila Maria для многих в Сан-Паулу.  Важно отметить Вила Мария выиграла несколько чемпионат и является частью элиты школы самбы в Сан-Паулу.  Во время этого интервью дива объясняет, как она поддерживает и готовит себя физически и умственно для карнавала-парада, который является вершиной сезона карнавала в Бразилии.

  4. TheApollo2200

    Thank you for making this video. Can you please do more videos like this and ask the ladies what their workouts, food, skincare, makeup is like? I am so fascinated by the whole process. I know they work hard to look like they do and I admire and aspire to look like them. They are so beautiful and talented. Thank you.

  5. Hendo56

    Great videos, but can you make the wwwbrazilcarnivalcom a bit smaller? Sometimes it's covering up some very nice bits! That's "bits"… 🙂

  6. Kawynia Williams

    this is so true. americans need to destress and try to just relax

  7. Brazil Carnival Videos

    I was talking to a friend of mine….if part of US be more warm, more social, how much better it would be… every time I go there I always sense a kind of "politeness" which is much more a "formality", than a real "social" warmth we see here…just some thoughts…

  8. belavistario

    Always with thoughtful comments…Thanks GOD Kay, our friend!

  9. Kawynia Williams

    It does not matter if her breasts are real or not she is still a beautiful woman. Her smile and stance exudes confidence something that many people lack. All the Brazilians I have met are loving people who treat me and my family as their own.

  10. Kawynia Williams

    Que linda!!!!! She is beautiful!!

  11. belavistario

    Marty, I think our visitor above has a problem with the woman above. Do you see any? I dont. …..People can be so strange, it freaks me out…kkkkk

  12. belavistario

    Do you have problem with her? What is your concept of "natural"? If you drink any substance that is not plain water, your life is also not "natural". Do you live in a cave, or in jungles? That would be "natural" according to anthropologists. Do you take any medication? If yes , you are not "natural too". So what is the point??? I Still dont get it. Do you wanted to be her? Are you a misogynist? So strange your comment… Go figure…

  13. belavistario

    All generalizations are dumb…unfortunately shows your lack of knowledge of the Brazilian Carnival…

  14. Brazil Carnival Videos

    Oh,yeah, an amazon as you say!

  15. Brazil Carnival Videos

    Yes, they are in fact tailor made to each body. Normally the art designer/ stylist which makes the costumes also take all the measurements for the g strings…

  16. StreetSharkC7

    Isnt't there a secret to how they keep their g-strings in place???

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