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Best Samba Dance Performance on Stage Brazilian Samba School in Rio de Janeiro, at special presentation. We see Leyla Barros, who was in 2012 the official …

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  1. Valencia Elie

    Qual é o nome dela
    What is her name? She is so gorgeous!!

  2. Jade Rachid

    The guy is awesome!!!! More, more please!!!!

  3. Non Bionda

    Name of the guy?

  4. Son simmons

    those moves are so African and the way she move her behind is the way we dance this in africa and Caribbean. and african woman derriere is her beauty she use it to attract a man even before seeing her beautiful dace and to use it when she dances is soooooooooooooo powerful

  5. Son simmons

    just beautiful

  6. denisse quinto

    i want to know the name of the music and where i can get this type of music just the sound

  7. Eduardo Manuel Osorio


  8. Manny P

    love the energy

  9. Esteve G.T

    Só uma palavra me vem : Maravilhoso

  10. sclar40

    she is the best samba dancer I've seen and I have watched quite a few samba divas.

  11. 18billions

    I wonder if the brazilian guys feel like they have the most beautiful women in the world? they're probably used to it and don't even think twice.. i see neymar dating some white chic from europe or somewhere when he can have a bombshell sister from brazil but everyone has their own taste..

  12. Abraham Durán Beltrán Colombiano de la paz Bogotá

    Colombiano de Español rio 2016 colombia Brasil

  13. e22378

    Damn she killed it!!!

  14. Andre NM Skowronski

    Samba Dance and Samba School at its best;  Another point to observe , the samba-school in which this diva is dancing, is officially the oldest recorded samba school in Brazil, all agreed by Carnival historians: Estácio de Sá.  True Samba dance, without the influx of excessive money and "make up".

  15. David Williams

    Why does Sambo come to my mind not Samba?

  16. Ana Ruiz


  17. Sara Huseyn-Bayley

    Love samba!

  18. Gregorios Danikas


  19. Svetlana Moursy-Goodezh

    Wonderful!!!Thanx for positive emotions!!!

  20. TheDarkAquarian

    Brazilians have the most soul of any Latin American country

  21. Даурен Бейсенбаев

    Niger respect!

  22. Даурен Бейсенбаев

    Niger respect!

  23. vitoria Oliveira

    essa cuica e massa

  24. vitoria Oliveira

    essa cuica e massa

  25. Gooberwalla

    Wow. Looking at her feet move is a blur. Brasilians have rhythm. The energy here is incredible and the people are smiling. What a beautiful culture in Brasil. Meuto obrigado!

  26. sammie smith

    Great dancing. Have to see this in person come next February 2015.

  27. Henry Boghossian

    I ♡♡♡ Brasil

  28. angie Lagrange

    THOSE drums are so powerful….great!!!!

  29. hahahahha1232

    i wanna move to brazil !!!!!

  30. moviescreams

    That is so much fun. Yeah babie. Samba rocks (-:

  31. cbalmacedajr

    Does any one knows the couple name?
    I like to congratulate both for such spectacular dance.

  32. Rosibel Hernandez

    how does she move that fast and only the bottom parts of her body D; how does that happen ): ?

  33. Jonathan Gomez

    Whats the woman's name someone please !!!

  34. Lacey Byrd

    She is beautiful and her skills are amazing. The guy is great too!

  35. April

    Ela é incrível

  36. cammicty

    So completely African! As is the dance Samba's Roots!

  37. Brazil Carnival Videos

    cool, but samba dance has at least 10 kinds of different roles… IJust as an example, the FLAG BEARER and SAMBA HOST, as you could know, are not allowed to samba dance on the parade, per say. They dance as the couples did at the French courts…so , I guess your point is not factually correct, according to 99% of all samba and carnival historians in Brazil. Its a great mix, but with an obvious Afriacan background.

  38. Frostgrl681

    The Samba has Africa written all over it. The African slaves brought to Brazil by the Portuguese left an indelible mark on the music and dancing. All that hip swirling is part of African fertility dances.

  39. Julio L. Mendez

    That guy is ridiculous!!!

  40. Roberto M

    Brazil Mujeres bellaaaas

  41. No Disassemble

    love love love this! Greetings from Alabama!

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