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Bellini – Samba de Janeiro (videoclip)

Videoclip de la cancion Samba de Janeiro de Bellini.

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47 thoughts on “Bellini – Samba de Janeiro (videoclip)

  1. Andreas Lauer

    Did you all know that Bellini ist was a German band?

  2. carphalphinx __

    who watching 2017 ?

  3. Yo-Kai Watch 51

    2017 ?

  4. H. Crespo

    브라질하면 쌈바지ㅋ

  5. Gabriel 456br

    filhos das putas

  6. Natálka kropová


  7. Sr. Mustacho

    Gas Capoeira

  8. Ornithorynque Sans Pattes

    0:28 yeaaah I love it ♥ x)

  9. IsaBellaDTV

    Kat DeLuna sampled this beat with her song
    La La La.
    oh nahhhhhh!!!!

  10. Eldan Hocanin

    Ronaldinho Samba 😉

  11. Matheus

    Samba? really? i'm brazilian, and this is so awkward.

  12. Jan Sporszil

    apt-get install SAMBA

  13. Animated Movie

    Watching in 2017 🙂

  14. Amelie Savova

    I thought it was a theme song

  15. Altus Games

    Kto z Polski i od Hunter Brighta?

  16. Angel Saldana

    This song makes me feel like I can do anything I want unstoppable!!!

  17. Boreal

    Love how the two germans of Bellini took two of the writing credits to this song even though they added nothing to it except some synth drums. Hugo Fattoruso created the theme and Airto Moreira sped it up and gave it some weight.

  18. Mega super Knaller 2016

    Wer feiert das Lied genau so wie ich ?

  19. MsLilly1017

    This song-my another childhood memory😂Armenians love Brazil❤Força Brazil😊

  20. DigitalHorizon

    Dance Central 3, anyone?

  21. Alberto Sánchez Molares

    Grandvalira Bababoom Circus???

  22. $$44lutka44$$

    Die Blonde passt nicht ins Bild

  23. gormagon arbi

    Remind me of my old K7

  24. some 8 yr old on the net

    im here from a latino monkey and his cool looking maracas

  25. the special one ملكي وراقي


  26. jordan l

    who is watching this vidéo in 2017



  28. kisa lisa


  29. luca samsen

    Official football theme

  30. Jabollo13

    Best in 2017 😛

  31. 조영철

    i love song~!!

  32. אפרת יוסף

    nice song

  33. Валерий Козлов

    1997, Escape, Amstedam. пиздец здорово было

  34. Imy Emouna

    watching in April 2017 !!

  35. Виталий Антонович


  36. Aron Loof

    Napoli goaltune

  37. Arska The Spotted Hyena

    REmember i always listened to it when i was small

  38. VerkkuTheGamer Suomalaisia videoita


  39. Shadow Lorri - Official Channel

    Samba de Amigo anyone

  40. Ronaldo Pereira da Rocha

    Lixo de Clipe que rebaixa a Mulher Brasileira.

  41. kanashimi

    pesquisem o nome da musica e mmd no final ☻

  42. joaquin llanes

    esa melodia la hizo fatorusso, músico uruguayo.. Fue promocionada para el mundial y nunca le reconocieron la autoria.. aguante la música, pero esto es tremendo hurto

  43. chami shehani

    Finally! it took me 10 years to find this song lol

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