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Adelup received no indication that Liberation Carnival is cancelled

Adelup remains hopeful that festivities will continue as planned.

Guam – With the Liberation Carnival originally set to open in a week and the anticipation on the Legislature’s stance on Bill 50, things are still up in the air about how the festivities will play out this year. From Adelup, the governor’s spokesperson, Oya Ngirairikl, remains hopeful that the longstanding tradition will continue.

“The Liberation Day festivities is a big part of Guam’s annual celebration. It honors and remembers a time in Guam’s history. We still have people who have living memories of it. It’s a very important part of the tradition. We celebrate as a community. We all come together and celebrate the survivors, and we remember and honor those who passed. It’s become such a big part of our annual celebration, and I know a lot of people look forward to it,” Ngirairikl told PNC.

She adds that, regardless of the outcome of Bill 50, there has been no formal statement of stopping the festivities.

“At this stage, we haven’t received any indication from the mayors that they’re going to not forward with it. In fact, we commend the mayors; they’ve said they were going to move forward with the festivities,” she said.

With Bill 50 on session floor, Ngirairikl is hoping for senators to consider solutions to the funding issue, saying, “I just hope that the senators, as they discuss bill 50 and if they do decide that the casino should be cancelled, then I hope they also take into consideration the funding needs of the Liberation Day festivities, which the mayors have said the casino does provide a large portion of the funding source. We hope that as they look at removing a funding source that they also look at providing a funding source.”

The next Mayors Council meeting will be on June 6 where they will further discuss plans for Liberation Day.


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