About Brasil Fest Chicago

Brasil Fest Chicago is the second edition of the only Brazilian street Festival in the Midwest.  The festival’s primary goal is to present and promote Brazil’s remarkable cultural diversity through music, dance, art, culinary and more.

Brasil Fest is for everyone. It’s for Brazilians and Anglo-Brazilians living in the Midwest, their children and their families. It’s for people of all backgrounds who are already tuned into Brazilian culture. And it’s also for people who know next to nothing about Brazil and are curious to learn more about this country they’ve been hearing so much about lately — the country that now boasts the world’s sixth largest economy and that will be hosting both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

About the Brasil Fest/StarEvents relationship

The Boulevard Festival is a classic Chicago event that is as diverse as the neighborhood where it is located; Logan Square. The festival is organized by StarEvents, a Chicago award-winning company that specializes in producing world-class community celebrations that are specifically designed to enhance the vitality of the communities in which they are held.

The first Brasil Fest was a one-day event presented as part of The Boulevard Festival 2012. Because of its success, StarEvents offered the organizers the opportunity to make Brasil Fest a weekend-long event held in conjunction with The Boulevard Festival 2013.

Although StarEvents will provide the festival’s infrastructure and has also made a generous financial contribution to help kickstart the project, Brasil Fest is organized by a committee comprised of Brazilian professionals, artists and community leaders. It is therefore an authentic Brazilian festival that aims to educate the public about the country’s language, lifestyle and ethnic diversity in a fun way.

How authentic? It’s Brasil Fest with an “S” rather than “z” because that’s how it’s spelled in Portuguese.

Brasil Fest 2013 team

Moacyr Marchini — Founder and President

Sergio Barreto — Chairman and Media Director

Mariana Sgarbi — Children’s Programming Director

Renata Graw — Designer

Tatiana Cesso and Alex Miranda — Marketing