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Which is better? Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Rio Brazil? This video lists the TO 10 BEST CARNIVAL parties in the world! SUBSCRIBE …

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31 thoughts on “10 BEST CARNIVAL PARTIES in the WORLD

  1. Eugenia Reyes Pérez

    Amazing carnival in Tenerife! I love your channel

  2. Thiago Tatagiba

    Duuuuude! Salvador, Bahia also in the northeast of Brazil!

  3. Tino Bühlmann

    what about Lucerne Switzerland

  4. Shanice Lazarus

    Trinidad and Tobago people right now it's carnival Tuesday in Trinidad last lap today

  5. Calvin Bartlett

    Try Anguilla British West Indies for the Worlds largest peace party on August Monday ( the 1st Monday in August)

  6. Jomal Bennett

    WRONG! Trinidad and Tobago is number 1

  7. L. A. Nolan

    Um… Toronto carnival aka Caribana!

  8. Catarina Conceição

    Portugal! Every town has its own way to celebrate Carnival.

  9. Rayann410

    Big up Trinidad and tobago! so excited for this years carnival. I never knew there was one in Mobile, AL…?

  10. Marina F

    If someone from Düsseldorf or Cologne would see you guys putting into one place haha I'm picking Cologne for next week!

  11. Sammy Jo

    Crop Over in Barbados is EVERYTHING!!!!

  12. Wanessa Orp.

    Brazilians rarely wear clothes?????? what a ridiculous cliché!!!!

  13. jon gallego

    Carnivals in Tolosa are awesome too!

  14. Laura Silva e Souza

    "Brazilian are beautiful and rarely wear clothes"???? Wtf. I'm Brazilian and I came to this video for appreciation of my culture, not depreciation!

  15. Zoe Gonsalves

    It's pronounced ta bay go and it's called a steel pan also they dance like the Bajans but better (wine) they have soca from here and the costumes are amazing also old time carnival was from the slaves and had different costumes they came up with from mimicking their masters

  16. Mr Cee

    madeira, Portugal carnival where the brazilian carnival is historically traced back from. also são Vicente, Cabo Verde have an amazing one.

  17. suevialania

    You must say Rio de Janeiro In Portuguese like in english! Not Rio de Raneiro as in Gypsy!

  18. karinwtfont

    Mobile, Alabama is pronounced Mo-Beel like automobile. Yes, and according to locals, Mardi Gras originated in Mobile.

  19. Patrick Robert Souza

    Hahaha, I'm from Olinda and live in Cologne 😉 greetings from cold Germany!

  20. Diogo Pereira

    I knew that Brazil was going to be the number 1 hahahaha We have the best canival in the world and in each state here has its culture and traditions. Love Brazil

  21. Bruno Bianco

    My Rio is the first, but this music in the end of video is so classic, you can put one music by ALCIONE, ZECA PAGODINHO some name's of the Samba

  22. Josi Daresbach

    Olinda or Bahia have THE BEST CARNAVAL ever!!!! Rio de Janeiro it's a totally different Carnaval! No clothes at all 😝
    Very good you Chanel 🇧🇷✌🏼

  23. Erika Landim

    We have the best carnival, for sure!!! Rio is amazing all over the year!!! <3

  24. Rodrigo Gonçalves

    Nice you guys remembered Olinda! It's my place and it's a great city! =D

  25. Angi 007

    I would like to go the drag queen beauty contest, but I cant find any information about it ??!! Help !

  26. Vilim Vitulić

    hey guys, you did not mention one of the largest carnivals in Europe, i think second largest only to Venice, the one in Rijeka, Croatia!!
    Also I suggest you visit Croatia on one of your travels, it's a beautifull mediteranian country, with lots of culture and history..

  27. Rachel Neff

    I booked a weekend in Tenerife without even knowing it was going to be Carneval!! Such a great surprise, so pumped!!

  28. Josh Bello

    Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro (hee-oh dee zha – nay-roo) is more of a festival of samba schools although there are still parties. Most Brazilians will tell you that the craziest Carnaval parties are in Salvador.

  29. Andrezza Picanço


  30. Irene AG


  31. HandMadeCris

    what about Portugal?

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